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Hartford Yard Goats vs Somerset Patriots on 5/20/2021
Date/Time: Thu, May 20 2021 at 7:05 PM
Home Team: Hartford Yard Goats
Opponent: Somerset Patriots
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Tine Dale Party Porch
$22.00Tine Dale Party Porch
Home Plate Club
Travelers Patio
Bud Sky Bar
High Top Swivel
Front Row Field Box
The Hartford Terrace
Field Box
Outfield Premium Swivel
RF Porch

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All tickets will be sold in Socially Distanced Pods from May 11th - May 18th. i.e If you would like 2 Field Box tickets please use the Field Box - Pod of 2 price.

Starting May 19th seats will be sold without social distancing between groups
Hartford Yard Goats
Hartford Yard Goats
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