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Pre-Order Championship Merchandise on 11/1/2018
Date/Time: Thu, Nov 1 2018 at 10:00 AM
Event: Pre-Order Championship Merchandise
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General Admission
$60.00Champs Performance Polo- 2X
$60.00Champs Performance Polo- 3X
$60.00Champs Performance Polo- LG
$60.00Champs Performance Polo- MD
$60.00Champs Performance Polo- SM
$60.00Champs Performance Polo- XL
$50.00Adult Charcoal Hood- 2X
$50.00Adult Charcoal Hood- 3X
$50.00Adult Charcoal Hood- 4X
$50.00Adult Charcoal Hood- LG
$50.00Adult Charcoal Hood- MD
$50.00Adult Charcoal Hood- SM
$50.00Adult Charcoal Hood- XL
$45.00Champs 1/4 Zip- LG
$45.00Champs 1/4 Zip- MD
$45.00Champs 1/4 Zip- SM
$45.00Champs 1/4 Zip- XL
$45.00Champs 1/4 Zip- 2X
$45.00Champs 1/4 Zip- 3X
$45.00Champs 1/4 Zip- 4X
$35.00Adult Charcoal Crew- 2X
$35.00Adult Charcoal Crew- 3X
$35.00Adult Charcoal Crew- 4X
$35.00Adult Charcoal Crew- LG
$35.00Adult Charcoal Crew- MD
$35.00Adult Charcoal Crew- SM
$35.00Adult Charcoal Crew- XL
$26.00Adult Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt- 2X
$26.00Adult Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt- 3X
$26.00Adult Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt- 4X
$26.00Adult Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt- LG
$26.00Adult Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt- MD
$26.00Adult Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt- SM
$26.00Adult Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt- XL
$24.00Champs Stocking Cap (OSFM)
$20.00Adult Black T-Shirt- 2X
$20.00Adult Black T-Shirt- 3X
$20.00Adult Black T-Shirt- 4X
$20.00Adult Black T-Shirt- LG
$20.00Adult Black T-Shirt- MD
$20.00Adult Black T-Shirt- SM
$20.00Adult Black T-Shirt- XL
$19.00YTH Charcoal Long T-Shirt- LG
$19.00YTH Charcoal Long T-Shirt- MD
$19.00YTH Charcoal Long T-Shirt- SM
$19.00YTH Charcoal Long T-Shirt- XL
$17.00YTH Black T-Shirt- LG
$17.00YTH Black T-Shirt- MD
$17.00YTH Black T-Shirt- SM
$17.00YTH Black T-Shirt- XL

There currently are no accessible seating tickets available online.  Please contact the venue box office for accessible seating availability.
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